Women`s Music Series & Radio.

TeXchromosome.org is an alliance of Women creative visionaries coming together to form a musical coalition that believe in a safer, kinder world for Women artists. We nurture humanity not vanity.

Formed out of a passion project, lifting women’s voices, we are a proud 501C3 non-profit organization founded and operated by seasoned female musicians who selflessly give their time and resources as a labor of love for music and their community. We are advocates for women in music. Our team sponsors  songwriting festival stages at music conferences, community non-profit events, grants and educational opportunities.
Lifting Women's Voices - ATX

Thursdays 11 am KOOP 91.7 fm on the dial or streaming on the web


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 Wednesday 2pm CEuT Eagle Country Radio France 




We give Micro-Grants to “Troubadoras.” Female artists that are regularly touring need a little extra. We don’t want you sleeping on the side of the road!


One on one mentorship with one of our seasoned performers, sound engineers, or programmers.


Your support allows us to keep our people safe, inspired, and heard. Your support helps us to support others.

We provide a safe platform to lift the gender disparity in airplay and the industry. Tune into our international radio show for music and interviews with nothing but independent female artists, singer song-writers and rock n’ rollers.Where the ladies are drivin’ the bus! Hosted by Penny Jo Pullus Art-ivist, Singer Songwriter, Producer, D.J, Girl Scout. Look for us at FAI, AMA, SWRFA, SXSW out on the great blue highway

kay miracle

                               Meet our Co-Founder Kay Miracle

Kay Miracle is a bare bones Americana Artist. No matter what incarnation you see her in, be it Kay & The Miracle Cure, Ghost Town Ramblers or Buck Naked, It is she, who comes shining through. Kay’s music is organic, raw and full of true life experiences that make you feel her infectious light through sarcasm, passion and pain.

After supporting the U.S. Troops with international performances on the USO Patriotic circuit for seven years, singer-songwriter, Kay Miracle fought to find her own voice again after being violated. She has found a path to do just that and help others through the creative arts. Kay Miracle is an creative arts facilitator and founder of  Blood To Ink. Trauma reduction through songwriting, art, and sound meditation. TeXchromososome.org is proud to hosting workshops serving the veteran community and their families across the country and your own backyard. Kay passes the magic, and  aids others to lift the voices of their artistic communities. 

Find her on FB, Instagram (@Loki Burke)or Twangette AT Gmail.com