Our Story

For over two decades, TeXchromosome has been showcasing and promoting original music from women with Texas sized spirit during the SXSW Music Festival in Austin, TX. TeXchromosome brings women together for a day of music, camaraderie and laughs, as well as partnering with local non-profits. In previous years, TeXchromosome has supported Planned Parenthood, BRC, and Austin Pets Alive as well as the Girls Empowerment Network (GEN). GEN has been helping girls find their power for 20 years by supporting and guiding girls to make wise choices as they navigate the unique pressures of girlhood.

TeXchromosome, unveiled its International Radio Show & new non profit status in 2018, It is founded and operated by seasoned female musicians who selflessly give of their time and resources as a labor of love for music and the arts by supporting some of the strongest Independent national and international female performers. We blend musical genres captivating music lovers with its wide umbrella of country, blues, jazz, soul, Americana, and good ol’ rock and roll. Find us spreading across the terrestrial internet airwaves far and wide.

TeXchromosome Radio hosted by founder Penny Jo Pullus serves up a unique blend of all female programming. Female artists face unique challenges, and TeXchromosome helps female musicians address those challenges in a way that honors the dedication and hard work necessary to build a career in music.The music industry is rapidly evolving. Female artists need the tools and resources necessary to adapt to change. In order to meet the needs of female artists, TeXchromosome is innovatively expanding it’s services and programs. Expansion costs money, and that’s where music lovers like you can join TeXchromosome’s effort to shine the spotlight on the unique talent of female artists.

We are based out of Texas, yet TeXchromosome is not about the hard, rough, Texas you might jump to associate. It’s about the other Texas. The one that loves music, welcomes people and travelers to a good time with loved ones. Bright lights! Big city! It’s the sound and the stories in the music about everyday people and their lives, loves, hopes and dreams. It’s foot stomping dusty goodness, and soul touching warmth. It’s the big, wide open, vastness of a state that is not one thing but so many things. It’s about bringing out the Texas size spirit in women from all over the world and having a place to connect and share their art. We are striving to have an 24/7 all female programing station. One hour is just not enough.

Show and tell the World you support female artists. Be part of the TeXchromosme Team! Take a look at our super cool Donation Packages.