TeXchromosome Radio releases Women on a Mission Vol.1 Project Freedom

Hello Friends,

Thank you for your continued support of lifting Women’s Voices on TeXchromosome Radio. We are excited to share with you “Women on a Mission” Vol 1 “Project Freedom” vinyl sampler.

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Project Freedom was the prompt for Vol . This beautiful red translucent vinyl set has 25 original tracks that are the fruit of the submissions. There are extreme diversities in expressions & impressions of freedoms. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

The funds raised from the sales of this special addition compilation go to TeXchromosome.org to continue the International Women’s Radio show and sponsoring live stages at festivals, conferences, and community events. We nurture humanity not vanity. Thank you to all our talented Women who participated & believed in our inaugural sampler project. We are humbled and grateful to the City of Austin Live Music Fund and our volunteer team. You make our hearts sing!!

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Big Girl Girl Scouts

June 22, 2024 6-10pm  Listening Art Celebration

 Women on a  Mission Vol. 1 Project Freedom – TEXPOP.org Events. 1516S. Lamar 70704

A double vinyl set of 25 songs from independent Women artists and a visual art companion piece to be displayed & up for sale by the artists on the Radio Sampler.A transparent red double vinyl  set, tucked inside the art of Karen Dittman dedicated to our muse Xan. Details  & tickets coming soon! Sponsorship details at  info@TeXchromosome.org

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