Unsung Heroines Tour 2019 Full

TeXchromosome has declared this Independence Day Week “Women’s Freedom Week” and is launching the Unsung Heroines (USH) Tour 2019.


On July 3rd, Austin-based nonprofit TeXchromosome, founded by Syracuse Native Penny Jo Pullus, kicks off 2019 Women’s Freedom Week in Central New York, celebrating strong women leaders, veterans, doctors, nurses, scholars, and indigenous visionaries who have personal and timely stories to tell.  We invite all to come to selected museums throughout Central New York to honor the vision and courage of these path-finding women.

As a mission statement, courageousness Courage cannot be better defined than by our TeXchromosome 2019 Music Award Winner, Emily Grace Clark.  Emily will have the honor of singing with The Vet Church in Washington, D.C. as part of its pilgrimage to the prestigious National Cathedral for their annual concert happening in tandem with our USH Tour Kickoff in CNY. We could not be prouder of our award recipient for her generosity of spirit and dedication to music advocacy.

Why did we choose the Museum Series?  

Central NY is a historically fertile community, and there are many unknown women leaders and veterans right here in our own backyard.  We partner with these organizations because they enable us to both raise awareness and get entry registry books signed by visitors; the latter is vital for tracking interest, which is necessary when seeking funding to continue preserving history. Songwriters are the last of the pioneers to sing and pass down stories. 

Women have long been Unsung Heroines in history. It is the elder women’s voices that were responsible for passing stories and folk songs down in past generations, but these same voices are typically suppressed in contemporary society. Behind every great man is a great woman. How many times have we heard that line? And if we dig a little deeper into those scenarios, we can find the boundary-pushing women who helped to shape our modern world and who are still doing so. Women spent decades pushing and challenging traditional roles from behind the scenes as well as in the forefront – women with guts, tenacity, and backbone.  

Syracuse native singer-songwriter Penny Jo Pullus is founder and president of TeXchromosome: Women with TeXas Size Spirit. She has been an Austin, Texas transplant for 20-plus years. Pullus has now come full circle and is bringing her mission home to Central New York along with the non-profit organization she created, which advocates for women in music. Back in 1995, the Syracuse musical women’s community inspired Pullus to collaborate with two other female performers to co-release new records. They also set up a fund-drive and donation site for Vera House Domestic Violence Relief of Central New York.  Pullus says, “That excitement of working with the women’s community and empowering women to break free of the repression cycle has never left. I have been chasing it ever since.” That special night also sparked a long-term friendship and collaboration with local SAMMY Award-winning artist, Kay Miracle.

Little did the songwriters know that they would spend the next 20 years working side by side and across the country, tirelessly lifting women’s voices and stories to be heard.

 Kay Miracle, who sits as vice-president on the TeXchromosome board, is the brainchild behind the Museum Series. Historian, master storyteller, and songwriter, Miracle has been working with veterans, trauma-affected, and disabled folks to help interpret and craft their stories into songs. It has become a passion to help these souls find healing and relief. Miracle has introduced Healing Through Song as a new extension to the TeXchromosome Mission and Vision.

Tour Kick Off !! Wed. July 3rd 5pm

“The Future is Female”, featuring emerging talents Emalee Herrington and Sophie Woods, Hosted by Linda McRae, Kay Miracle, and Penny Jo Pullus
Honoring: Mary Walker: Born in Oswego, New York. Doctor, Women’s Rights Activist, Surgeon, Nurse (1832–1919). “Let the generations know that women in uniform also guaranteed their freedom.” Mary served as the 1st Woman assistant surgeon during the Civil War, was captured by the Confederate army. She was the 1st woman to be awarded a Medal of Honor for her service, and went on to lecture on women’s rights, dress reform and suffrage.

Thurs. July 4th

Celebrate Your Own Independence 7pm

Hosted By Serenity Studios @ LCA http://www.liverpoolartcenter.com/serenity-studio-gallery
The Water Song Presentation- Sandra Sabene – Founder of SS @LAC
On July 4th we, as a group, are celebrating strength and healing in numbers by inviting women of all shapes, sizes and colors to come learn and sing the Women’s Sacred Water Song on this day of independence. The Water Song expresses loving gratitude for the water and raises the consciousness and connection of women with Mother Nature’s greatest gift. The song is easy to learn, and our vision is that millions of women will sing it, raising their own connection and awareness of the water they interact with daily — in the shower or at the sink. We believe this is a powerful step to change, leading to both a spiritual as well as environmental shift on our planet. Please come and sing with us so we may lift our voices as one. After the presentation, we will present a concert featuring Kay and The Miracle Cure, Linda McRae and emerging talents Emalee Herrington and Sophie Woods. We are calling for women to join in our Museum Series Concerts, to share their stories, songs, enjoy a tour of the gallery, and learn about the workshops and healing programs. Open Mic Stage: Hosted by Penny Jo Pullus
Bonus: Perfect spot to enjoy the 4th’s fireworks.

Fri. July 5th

TexChromosomeAn intimate night of Songs, Stories and Confessions from Penny Jo Pullus, Linda McRae,Kay Miracle Hosted and interviews by Local Music Radio Host: Dave Frasina

Sat. July 6th

Presentation of the Water Song – An Open Call to Women of the Community to come and share their songs. Open Mic Stage: Hosted by Penny Jo Pullus
Featured Concert Kay Miracle and the Miracle Cure and Linda McRae Honoring: Women Suffragettes & The Erie Canal the connection and conduit of change for women. The Erie Canal route is home to the first convention (1819) for women and houses the Suffragette Museum The conference was attended by Women’s rights activist Susan B Anthony.
https://www.history.com/topics/womens-history/susan-b-Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, “the both tireless warriors of the women’s rights movement”.
We honor all Women Suffragettes. Celebrate 200 Years Strong

Sun. July 7th

Presentation of The Water Song- A call to Women of the Community to come and share their songs:
Open Mic Stage: Hosted by Penny Jo Pullus
Featured Concert – Kay Miracle and Linda McRae Honoring- Emily Tiggs – WWII Veteran Emily was an Army Nurse Corp. Veteran, serving as 1st Lt. In the Battle of the Bulge. She also served in the support of the D-Day Invasion. founder and past president of Woman’s Garden Club of Baldwinsville where many of the Heirloom plants still thrive to this day. Please come and smell the roses. TeXchromosome (https://texchromosome.org/) as a women’s non-profit organization, is dedicated to building impactful, creative, reciprocating relationships to benefit and sustain the artist as well as the community. TeXchromosome is the heart project of Penny Jo Pullus and Kay Miracle. Together they continuously work to preserve and raise awareness of women’s history, community and the art of songwriting.
TeXchromosome provides a platform at songwriter events, educational workshops, a women’s international radio show and an annual cash scholarship, the TeX Music Award, to support women in music. This year Pullus is bringing it back home with these powerhouse women in tow. “We are bringing women writers together from all over the country,” grins Pullus. “Kay Miracle, and Linda McRae will be co-headlining the Unsung Heroines N.Y tour dates July 3 – July 7th.” We join forces because individually we are not heard; it takes a village. We encourage others to join us and to lift their voices, to sing along to use the healing and to use the communicative powers of music. Music is the only stimulus that activates the whole brain and moves the heart simultaneously – something we need so desperately in our world today. In addition to launching the Unsung Heroines Tour, TeXchromosome hosts the inaugural Ontario Women’s Songwriting Retreat held in Syracuse

June 28th - July 1st.

The weekend workshop ‘Writing with Intent’ will be led by Juno Award-winning singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Linda McRae. https://lindamcrae.com
The songwriting weekend will be followed by UnSung Heroines Tour of C.N.Y celebrating women leaders plus teaching and sharing the traditional Water Song being sung by women across the country to build strength, healing and camaraderie.
Join us, won’t you?